The freedom of not having to face the intimidation of a blank page remains a striking difference to a sketchbook in making the altered book project approachable. This book is incomplete. Some of the work is in stages of completion and ideas are just tucked in for later consideration. It is full of work that speaks to further development and sparks tangents for new ideas. I believe that this will not be my only altered book. Using that evoked a feeling of liberty. I launched into the transformation of the book with an uncommon drive. I made the decision early in the process of altering this book to concentrate on personal experience and examination. I wanted to take the identity project to further explore art that reflected an intimate expression of myself. The work poured out. What I created remained the dominant vein throughout the book and ties a consistent volume. Combining aspects of corporeal movement with the spiritual pursuit of meaningful artistic representation was immediately important. Edward Muybridge’s photographic studies of motion fittingly began the book and are revisited throughout. With experimental animation short that incorporated the art of my altered book and gave further life to the work.

“Color” is not only an extension of the book, it represents my love for the boundless possibilities of animation as an art form. I now intend to continue developing and producing experimental animation at UFV. “Color” can be viewed at:

In making good use of the freedom this project and class allowed, printmaking became another component to the book. This being my first attempt since high school, the piece I call “Holding My Father’s Hand As He Passes Into The Unknown” has inspired further study. I will continue printmaking. I am grateful for being allowed the opportunity to see the process through the completion. I applied the ink and was shown how to use the print press. The print reflects a very personal moment in my life as does most of what I have created in VA115 this semester.

Uncommonly, I am satisfied with what I have accomplished with the pages of this book. Regularly sharing in the work and process has benefitted my goal of being accessible to others. I have made considerable progress with artistic intent and am an individual determined to connect with the muddy waters of self reflection and the sanctuary of remote ethereal thoughts and memories. For those interested, the story within the pages of my altered book is about navigating my way through this life at this point in time.