Pixelated Pathways is an exploration of my passion for colour, repetition and nostalgia. These are ideas that have shaped a distinct visual relationship between original display technology of the 1980s and the aesthetics of the digital age. As an artist, I have defiantly refused to partake in the current digital art craze, yet my subconscious mind cannot help but be influenced by this aesthetic.

The process of mixing paint inspired me to experiment with subtle variations of colour in which gradients are meticulously painted using progressive palettes. While developing this series, I realized the connection to classic video games such as Pac-Man through the void-like background. The repetitive patterns and simple forms of these games correspond to the aesthetic of Pixelated Pathways. Acryla gouache was used for its vibrant colours, the matte finish contrasting the shiny surfaces seen on monitors.

My artistic practice has developed around the therapeutic relief that I feel when using my hands to create art. The demand for immense concentration when painting the forms occupies my anxiety-ridden thoughts and places me in a meditative state of mind. I leave a fraction of human error in my work; it is not perfect. For me, the value lies in the painstaking effort and time committed to hand-paint my work.