I Went to Art School…

September 25 - October 25 2019 

I Went to Art School…

This exhibition brings together UFV School of Creative Arts faculty, staff, alumni and students to demonstrate the importance of arts education and mentorship as we celebrate the launch of the School.

Featuring: Melanie Jones, Jenny Kingma, Paula Funk, Madeline Funk, Grace Tsurumaru, Chris Janzen, Aimee Henny Brown, Emily Gauthier, Tetsuomi Anzai, Beru Bell, Chris Friesen, Qahraman Yousif

On display: September 25 – October 25 2019


Beautiful Garbage, 2018, Beru Bell, Video.

20 Loops, Tetsuomi Anzai, A collection of videos from Tomu S.E.T.I. vj sets.