Jodi Tilitzky. On view Jan 17-27, 2023

Abstract paintings are created through a process of instinct rather than rules. Form, shape, and colour are used to express this process of intuition.


Directed Study


11”x14” Acrylic on cradled Birchwood Panel

Intuitiveness and embodiment are two practices that I have spent time contemplating over the past year and have found great beauty and contentment in carrying this into my creative practice. I have created a collection of abstract paintings, in which I allowed the painting to unfold and become concentrated over time. This allowed for my intuition and body to work alongside the materials, resulting in paintings that have been directed by instinct rather than rules[1]. Through embracing a practice of embodied painting, I have been able to create a series of work that can be seen as a reflection of my instinctual self, with the painting being dependant of the paint as well as the painter.


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