Interpret 2018

April 27 - May 11, 2018

Creative & Performing Arts Festival

OPENING RECEPTION: April 27, 6:00 PM @ Evered Hall, Student Union Building, 33844 King Rd Abbotsford. Everyone is welcome.

This first-time event will celebrate the arts at UFV featuring Theatre, Creative Writing and Visual Arts.

The following individuals, including alumni, will showcase their diverse talents on April 27, 2018:

Margret Bollerup
Bethany Caldwell
Paige Caldwell
Sidi Chen
Julia Dovey
Emily Eggert-Botkin
Cat Friesen
Mitch Huttema
Jessica Karroll
Jesse Klassen
Luke Kokoszska
Abrianna Leaming
Wenwei Liu
Cameron McKerchar
Willow Mussell
Emilie Poirier
Deanne Ratzlaff
Deb Silver
Krystina Spracklin
Christopher Taylor

Readings and performances by UFV Creative Writing and THEA Directing 451 students. Selected artworks from the University Arts Collection will also be on display in addition to works produced by the following courses: IDS400: Decolonizing Canada’s 150th, VA 232 Sculpture & Extended Media II, VA 252 Print Media II, VA 160 Video Production I & VA 261 Video Production II.

The list of Directors / Shows / Playwrights
Chris Taylor – The Happy Hornbill by Revelly Robinson
Emilie Poirier – Love is Blind by Andrew Bawn
Cameron McKerchar – In the Human Resources Office by Damian Trasler
Jessica Karroll – Ketchup by Herb Hasler
Bethany Caldwell – Frog Loves Christy by Ann Wuehler
Emily Eggert-Botkin – The Salmon Tribunal by Walter Wykes
Deanne Ratzlaff – Seven Minutes by Amber Kiara Mitchell

The art exhibition will run until May 11, 2018.

Event locations include the S’eliyemetaxwtexw Art Gallery (B136), D and C buildings.

Catered by Restaurant 62. Live music from 9-10:30 PM! Performers include Kristin Witko, Myriad of Whispers and DJ Simon Bridgefoot.

Event is free and everyone is welcome!

Sponsored by SUS, UFV, CIVL Radio, Restaurant 62, & Ravens Brewing Company



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<a href=””>Jesse Klassen</a>

<a href=” ‎”>Deb Silver</a>

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