Sept. 7-Oct. 21, 2018

Les Fantasmes De La Flore

Madeline Hildebrandt

On View: Sept. 7-Oct. 21

Opening Reception Sept 7, 6-8 pm

Les Fantasmes de la Flore is a series of ink drawings based on plant and sea life. Most of the drawings in the exhibition are done in black ink on white paper. By making a high contrast image, the intricate details can be seen more clearly. The inspiration for the project comes mostly from aquatic plant-life such as coral and seaweed. After examining these sources they are rendered in a flat design using simple organic shapes.

This project began with an assignment from a drawing class: make an ink drawing that is as detailed as possible. Taking this far too seriously, I was inspired to create “Origin”, the featured piece in the exhibition. The creation of this piece urged me to refine my absent-minded doodling into a concrete style of drawing. Since “Origin” was created, in the fall of 2017, this style has developed immensely. As one of the most prominent features of the works was their detail, it seemed fitting to push that detail further by having it obsessively repeat. I find this to be an effective way of portraying the forms.

These works have a meditative quality to them. The repetition becomes therapy for my anxiety. I am a very fidgety, anxious person, so drawing the same form over and over again helps to clear my head and think straight. To most, these pieces would seem incredibly boring to complete, but for me it is the opposite. Each piece represents the turmoil of my constant thoughts being organized and reformed onto the page. With every line my mind is able to focus. As a decidedly introverted person, I spend a significant amount of time alone. Free from concerns of social expectations, I am able to focus my energies and spend hours in my own head, pen to the paper. I like to think of these designs as organisms. Not just recreations from nature, but fantasies that take on a life of their own.