Amanda Garcia

April 26, 2019

The Birthday Party

This artwork is based on drug addictions such as the opioid crisis which has killed over 8,000 Canadians since 2016. In the majority of cases, the opioid overdose deaths happened unintentionally. 1 This is an issue that not only affects the individual dealing with this dependency but also impacts family and friends and society at large. How can we, as a community, be mindful of the ways in which we support organizations that seek prevention versus those that profit from the crisis? This celebratory scene invites the viewer to pick up the birthday cards and read the handwritten notes from individuals whose lives have been affected by this complex health issue. Birthdays acknowledge the anniversary of the birth of a person, but the event also celebrates how precious life is, and those who have lost their lives to addiction should not forgotten.


1 Government of Canada. “Opioids and the opioids crisis – Get the facts.” Available: [2019, January]


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