Katherine Searle

Apri 26, 2019

Crossed Lines

Growing up in a small island community has made me aware of the role the land and oceans play within a thriving and ecologically sound environment. The current proposed Coastal GasLink pipeline project is seen as a threat to the Wet’suwet’en territory by the five hereditary chiefs of this region. To draw attention to the areas that will be impacted by this transformation, a map of British Columbia has been etched onto a copper plate that shows the names of traditional unceded territories belonging to the First Nations Peoples who have lived here for generations.

This etching also shows the paths of current and proposed pipelines, going through these unceded territories, an action allowed by Provincial and Federal Governments, as well as the RCMP. In displaying my final print and etched copper plate I hope to spark respectful dialogue regarding the treatment of the land we live on, dialogue in regards to the use of pipelines in transporting fossil fuels, acknowledgment of the development of Western infrastructure within unceded First Nations territories, and the rights of First Nations Peoples to defend their land.

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